Hello there! Welcome to IB Imaginations.

My name is Immanuel Burney and I am the founder of IB Imaginations.

I started this company after successfully ghostwriting thousands of stories for clients and also writing and self-publishing my own first two children's books.

I also help clients develop branding strategies to help them attract more Instagram followers and potential buyers of their book.


I have successfully built a team of professionals whose main expertise is in creating imaginative and highly engaging children's stories.

Many of the stories we've written for clients have even won awards. 


And the best part is that our clients have full ownership of their story!

What we've come to realize is that you may have the story idea in your mind but don’t quite know how to bring your idea to life on the page. 


Because of this fact, many people let their idea live in their minds without taking action, and, eventually, that idea moves to the back of their minds to never be found again.

This doesn’t have to be your story.

IB Imaginations will take your idea and give it the proper nourishment it needs to thrive and be shared with the world!